About Steel Magnolia

The flavors of Steel Magnolia began developing before the concept was even born, down south in the Alabama kitchen of Sarah M. Jackson the future of Steel Magnolia took root. A little of this, a little of that, a lot of love and a lot of care were and still are the measuring gauges that she has since passed down from generations to her daughter, Bronze Metal Chef, Shontae L. Jackson.

The vision and flavors of Steel Magnolia offer an experience of culture and flavor through foods. Using the best locally sourced ingredients, we are bringing our vision to you. Steel Magnolia brings down-home southern cuisine and internationally inspired flavors together in a unique, bold, and flavorful way. We pride ourselves on preparing a diverse menu, for a diverse taste, and will continue to strive to become more sustainable and locally supplied as we grow. 

Since Steel Magnolia's first public debut in 2013, many great chefs have inspired, assisted and added to the vision and techniques of the menu that we offer. Steel Magnolia was first to introduce to the community of Lorain, Ohio at the beautiful Multiplex Club, Club Our Space, where the gracious owner, Mr. Howard Washington and Club Manager Marshae White welcome the team, the menu, and the vision. This is where the vision became a rewarding reality. The community of Lorain welcomed our menu and services and for that, we are forever grateful to Lorain Counties, Steel City.


From our Guests


Resident from Kendal at Oberlin

"Shontae, your food is spectacular! Thank you for such wonderful flavors and presentation in the vegan stir-fry."



Mystal Jackson, Owner of KicksByMys.com (Menu Tasting Event)

"The flavors in the rice and beans are so freah, you can taste the freshness of herbs and ingredients! I can not wait to be able to get this when i want to. Foreal!"

Becky Butler Member of St Johns United Church of Christ (Cooking Demo)

“Shontae you are truly gifted. The focaccia bread and the chicken and pork were so delicious, cant wait to have you for our next event.”